Medical and Sports Rehabilitation

Patient Testimonials

I was only in Florida for 6 sessions, and I was able to regain most movement of my elbow with functional use for both bending and extension. The rest of the recovery would be up to me to practice the exercise protocol that Tim gave me to do at home. Tim’s expertise and Bonnie’s follow-up brought back movement that I never thought I would have, and I so appreciate their efforts to help me improve.

I am so grateful to everyone at Medical & Sports Rehabilitation Center. They are all so caring, friendly and helpful, and it was such a positive atmosphere that I enjoyed being there. I highly recommend them!


I broke my wrist in a fall sustaining three different fractures which required surgery to install a metal plate. Luckily, I found the hand center at Medical & Sports Rehab and I have been amazed at the progress I’ve made. I am a professional pianist and vocalist, and my hands are vital to my success. I am very impressed with all of the staff members at MSR and I would recommend them to anyone who needed rehabilitation!


A torn rotator cuff brought me to Medical & Sports Rehab. I feel the therapists at MSR bring a tremendous amount of experience to the table and are willing to try different approaches if one direction isn’t getting results. I have always been treated courteously and never felt rushed to get through an appointment. I was also very impressed with the administrative staff—they were very friendly, efficient, and always took time to answer my questions.


I underwent a total knee replacement, which was a huge damper on my life. I am a very active individual who enjoys golfing, swimming, and walking. I was in a great deal of pain and I was non-weight bearing for almost 4 weeks following my surgery. I was very nervous about starting therapy, but the staff at MSR immediately put me at ease. They answered all of my questions and explained in detail what my therapy would entail. My therapist was wonderful and got me on the road to recovery! I am happy to report I am now back to all of my social and physical activities with no pain and I’m stronger than ever!