Medical and Sports Rehabilitation

Work Conditioning Information

Work Conditioning is an intensive, goal-oriented treatment program specially designed to restore an individual's systemic, neurological, musculoskeletal (strength, endurance, movement, flexibility, and motor control), and cardiopulmonary functions. The objective of the Work Conditioning Program is to restore the client's physical capacity and function to the extent that the client can return to work.

Our Work Conditioning Program requires authorization for payment in full. Adjustor's or case managers may contact our Billing Department for pricing information.

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The Patient "Role"

  • Activity control of symptoms
  • Active
  • Sits, walks, lifts, etc
  • Self Stretching
  • Moderate exercise
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Controls symptoms


The Therapist "Role"

  • Observes & adjusts ACS
  • Active
  • Education
  • Active stretching
  • Coaches exercises
  • Coaches activities
  • Answers questions

Other Facts

  • Less hand on than acute therapy, involves no modalities
  • One or two disciplines involved (often physical and/or occupational therapy)
  • No strong vocational component
  • Usually half-day programs
  • Best for early referrals or referrals with uncomplicated psychological or vocational status
  • Therapist is more coach and teacher
  • Coaching has specific functional (performance) objectives (goals)
  • Uses exercise, aerobic conditioning, education, and limited work tasks
  • Cost effective for appropriate referrals
  • Usually for 2-4 hours per day, 3 days a week, for an average of 6 weeks